Fund your account

Credit Card / Debit Card

You can add funds to your brokerage account at Tradernet using Visa or MasterCard. Funding available only from card opened personally for you.
Processing byRietumu Banka.
Regulated byFinancial and Capital Market Commission of Republic of Latvia.

  • 3.1% commission
  • Instant funding

Fund your account via bank transfer

  • Your bank's fee
  • 2-3 business days


Via bank transfer

Please also specify in your bank the bank chargers for incoming transfers

Withdrawal in EUR

SEPA transfer EUR 15 + SHA*

International transfer EUR 30 + SHA

Withdrawal in USD

SEPA transfer EUR 40** + SHA

International transfer EUR 80*** + SHA

Withdrawal in RUB

SEPA, International transfer EUR 30 + SHA

* SHA - a customer pays Tradernet's fees. A recipient covers payment related fees of intermediary banks and a beneficiary bank.

** For customers residing in countries of the European Union, the CIS, OECD, as well as China (including Hong Kong), Andorra, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia, Singapore and Montenegro

*** For customers residing in other countries and customers with legal form Partnership